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Video: 3 Ways to Catch More Waves (without being a dick)

catch more waves

Catching waves is our bread and butter. A small improvement in the amount of waves you catch will speed up your progression and get you surfing better, sooner. But waves are a scarce resource and good waves are in high demand. So we have to figure out ways to catch more waves, and a good strategy is to be smarter than your counterparts in the water. When they daydream, you check your position. When they are chatting, a good smaller waves sneaks by unnoticed. When they struggle to catch a good one or fall on the takeoff, you are there to pick up the pieces and snag it before someone else does.

All these tricks will catch you more waves, without being the dick who ruins the session. Without being the angry guy with no friends who forgot that surfing is fun, and for sharing.

In the video we cover:

  • How putting in extra effort and getting away from the crowd pays off
  • How to accurately take your position from the water
  • How to put yourself in the right place when the moment comes to catch the waves

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