Your future self will thank you for working hard now.

Fully personalized surf coaching & analysis.

At its core, surfing is one of the purest and most ancient forms of recreation. It is a chance to express yourself creatively - art meets sport.
You'll need the tools for your art. What kind of lines do you want to draw?

Good coaching will accelerate your progression in surprising ways, shortcutting you to your goals. The long way is lots of trial, error, & poundings.

The short way is personalized coaching.

- Tom

Online Surf Coaching


What kind of surfer will you be?

Think about why you were attracted to surfing in the first place. What are your goals? Imagine where you want to be in 10 years time (you'll still be surfing then).

Our first step is to identify your creative direction, aspirations, and fears.



Send me as much footage as you can. Video is best but photos are fine. Pull in some favours or teach grandma how to use her camera phone if you have to.

I will look at your technique, form, and approach in the water and we'll get to work.



I will send you a video response (5-8 minutes), with my thoughts and ideas for excersises to practice at home and in the ocean.

I will keep your tasks simple, actionable, and memorable. You can provide me with further feedback and I will respond with another, short (3-5min) video response to ensure you are tracking towards your goals.

Equipment & Training

left hand point break

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beach breaks

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