Online Coaching Session – 3 Pack


If you think my how to series has helped your surfing, 3 personalized online coaching sessions are the next step to accomplishing what your goals in surfing.



If you like my videos and you think they have helped your surfing, personalized online coaching is the next step to accomplishing your goals in the ocean. Do you want more confidence in bigger waves? Want to improve your turns and start surfing with power? I will cover everything from your technique, to approach, attitude, and your personal goals and surfing idols.

All I need from you is video footage or photos. It doesn’t have to be amazing quality. What is important is that I can see what you are doing clearly.

I will review your footage and give you a personalized instructional video analysis to accelerate your learning. I am interested to know what kind of surfer you wish to become, whether you want to surf big waves, cruise or shred, I have the knowledge and experience to bring you to the next level. A coaching session with me contains a clear, concise video response with simple, actionable tasks to bring to mind next time you are in the water.

3 packs are for those people serious about improvement and give me time to properly understand your direction and potential challenges. You can take as much time between sessions as you like to get some time to practice the techniques and assignments I will give you.


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