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Video: How to paddle and get out the back

Learn how to surf, how to paddle

In part 2 of this how to surf series, we have some tips and tricks on how to paddle and how to get out behind the surf. We talk about the paddling technique for surfing and how our strategy will affect how much paddling we do.
Often overlooked, having some speed in your paddling will mean less beat-downs by waves and better surf sessions. Some strength is necessary, but picking a good route to the lineup and waiting for the right moments to strike are equally important. If you are heading away for a surf trip and don’t live by the sea or cannot frequently surf, you might want to think about some training, either paddling on a lake or in a pool, so when you do go surfing, you spend your time catching waves and not getting mowed down by whitewater.

In the video we look at these tips for better paddling:

  • Paddling strategy and which route to take
  • Observing the flow of water and using it to help
  • Paddling technique, and position on the surfboard


Next up we will learn how to catch waves, and how to catch more waves the next time you’re out. It is all about catching waves. Stay tuned!

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